2024 Easter Appeal

Replenish Our Scholarship Fund

Throughout metro Atlanta, countless individuals are searching for a place of peace, a chance to reflect, and an opportunity to reconnect with God. Ignatius House is a sanctuary for those at critical crossroads in their lives. Our mission is to offer the space and guidance for deep, transformative spiritual renewal to all who seek it, no matter their financial situation.

Already in the past year, 85 college students have attended Ignatius House retreats at no cost—where the tranquility of nature and the depth of silence open the door to encountering God's love. Last year, an additional 60 adults from all walks of life bravely requested scholarships so they could attend a retreat.

The need is great and our scholarship fund is diminishing--we need your help to create 200 more scholarships by raising $40,000 by April 25. This Easter season, together let's extend the hope and renewal of this sacred season to others!